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Southern Electrics travelling at speed

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A Short Summary....

       This layout is of the same theme to my last layout "Brockley Green SE4" but it is most certainly different.The theme is still Southern Electrics but this time in a circular format and in 00 scale.I have entered the 21st. century and converted to DCC power supplied initially by a Roco Multimaus system, with Master and Slave controllers. Now I have a z21 system with a "tablet" but that will be replaced by a "wireless" handset as soon as they are on sale and I can obtain one.
       To allow more than a little diversity and to stop the stock accumulating excessive mileages, the layout is run on a sliding timescale. Starting on day one with steam powered trains in the shape of a class C 0-6-0 on a ferry van train, and a Battle of Britain, "Spitfire" on a passenger working. They are aguemented by a Jubilee 4-6-0 on an inter regional parcels train, a 4-EPB and a 2-EPB/2-HAP/2-EPB EMU trio. Phase two is the replacement of the Jubilee with a Kent Coast electric locomotive, a class 71 but now without the overhead knitting. The C class's ferry van train is then withdrawn altogether. The passenger set will become a "never was" preservation special powered by a class L 4-4-0 "German" and a class D11/2 "Laird of Balmawhappe".
       Phase three sees the EMU's being upgraded into one train of a pair of green 4-CEPs with a blue MLV on the rear. The fourth phase sees the 4-CEP's repainted into the blue/grey scheme and a second MLV in similar. Also running are a pair of 2-EPB's also carrying the blue livery. Finally, in phase five there are further additions, firstly with the ferry van train reappearing as a class 92 electric locomotive  powering an intermodal train.The second addition is a "Corporate" blue  class 47 hauling blue/grey stock on a "Jolly Boy's" outing to Margate, and a DJM Class 71, also in blue. The passengers will be full of pale ale and whelks no doubt.
The third addition has seen the passage through Meopham of a new "Desiro" set hauled by a class 66, enroute from the manufacturers in Germany. Look for the stowaways on the roof.
    There are five flash units to  illuminate the passage of all electrically powered trains and viewers will be warned of these pyrotechnics by notices on the front of the layout!
  If you came to this site looking for "Brockley Green SE4", I'm afraid I've sold it to a G.W.R. enthusiast in darkest Somerset. I hope he has as much pleasure out of it as myself and those who assisted me in it's operation had over the past few years in several countries abroad and many venues in the U.K.
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The DJM Class 71 has just arrived which I ordered in Nov 2016
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